SMS marketing tools

Do you remember your school days when you used to send hundreds of SMS to your near and dear ones? It may have been a really good experience for you. But, time changes and we are becoming a bit commercial in our ways of life. SMS simply means Short Message Service is used as a medium of marketing nowadays.

We value your time and effort. For this, we will introduce the 5 best SMS marketing tools that will take your business high. Let’s have a walk around it.

What is an SMS Marketing Tools?

This section is highly essential. We tend to dive into the deep ocean of SMS marketing tools. To make things very clear, SMS marketing is all about promoting your business with SMS. Though people may be confused over it, SMS marketing is still very effective for marketers.

Like any other marketing tool, it needs some strategies to attain success from SMS marketing in recent times. You can send your potential customers important messages that may contain promotional offers, information about newly launched products, and so.

SMS has very high open rates compared to any other form of marketing. As users don’t need to have an internet connection to get SMS, it makes things easier. You, as a marketer, can reach your actual customers directly.

Let’s explore the 5 best SMS marketing tools down under.


Emotive is a highly recommended SMS marketing tool that can grow your business. You don’t have to sit with your mobile phone in your hand all day long. Emotive will make things a bit easier for you in this case. You will be provided with such important features that will ease you into promoting your business.

You can quickly interact with your potential customers through emotive. The authority of the Emotive claims that their services will be good enough for making your business stand out. The features like an automated human conversation, analysing reports, and very good integration will help your business perform better.

Click-through rate (CTR) is something that you must look for. With the help of Emotive, you can get 15% CTR, according to their website.


People are frustrated by getting random promotional SMS to their phones. Therefore, you may never want to create disturbance to your potential customers. This is the reason why you have to take every step very carefully.

But, don’t worry. ClickSend is a type of SMS marketing tool that organises what you need in terms of SMS marketing. With ClinkSend, you can also communicate with your targeted customer more effectively via SMS.

ClickSend will send and receive SMS on behalf of in an automated way. This will save a good amount of time for you. You don’t need to wait with a smartphone to give a reply to the customer’s messenger.

You can have global coverage of your SMS marketing campaign if you choose ClickSend. ClickSpend is 100% reliable.


ProfileMate has been doing some excellent tasks in recent times. Some people regarded ProfileMate as one of the best lead generation tools worldwide. But according to their website, why is ProfileMate so effective? No doubt, the Click-through rate plays a prominent role in ProfileMate.

They deliver their SMS marketing services with a guarantee; You can have a very good amount of SMS lists of your targeted audience with the help of profileMate. The sources are full of authenticity as well.

If you doubt ProfileMate, just look at the number of users (almost half a billion daily users). You will serve you some highly engaged contact that may surely turn into leads. Also, it is the best  Instagram Phone Number Extractor online 

The website of ProfileMate is full of information. No matter what type of marketer you are, you will find things very easy on ProfileMate.


Marketers want to grow their businesses fast. You have to keep your work spirit to beat your competitors in this competitive online world. As we discuss the 5 best SMS marketing tools, SlickText will definitely come into play here.

With SlickText, you can send thousands of promotional texts to your customer’s phones without hustle. You don’t have to pay any hidden fees to take the services from SlickText. Sometimes, it needs to let your large number of customers know about a big deal. Don’t feel confused, as you can perform it through SlickText. You can have a free trial also to see how things work.  People suggest it because it’s easy to operate the functions and features. The automated workflow will ensure better interactions.


TextMagic is one of the most effective SMS software for marketers. It is available on both PC and MAC. With a very good SMS AI gateway, you will better understand your audience’s behaviour so that you can take proper actions.

The most amazing thing here is the price per text, only USD 0.068. This means TextMagic is one of the cheapest SMS marketing software too. According to their website, with

You will get features like;

  • Send Online Text
  • SMS API Gateway
  • Email to SMS
  • Virtual Mobile Numbers, etc.

The most important case is, you will find all the essential features that are needed to run a good SMS marketing campaign on TextMagic. The click-through rate here is also noticeable as well. You will see customers giving lots of positive views on their website as well.

Why Should You Use SMS Marketing Tools?

You may not have all the time in the world. Besides, you may not want to hire a huge number of people with your short budget. The above tools will be going to help you grow your business in a short time. Tracking your SMS marketing campaign will enable you to take important decisions regarding your business. So, you have to use SMS tracking Software.


We want your business to grow. As the technologies are performing better than anytime else, you need to use these. Businessmen are now looking for the best tools to promote and enrich their businesses. Hare, we discussed the 5 best SMS marketing tools for your consideration.

You should pick the tool that you find highly beneficial. All these tools will provide you with some positive results. These will also take SMS marketing to a higher level too. Why late?