Social Media Tools

Leads are something that all marketers around the world are looking for. As a marketer, if you create quality leads, you will be at the top of the town with your business. In this particular blog, we will jump into the deep sea of social media lead generation software that will help you generate leads.

Generating leads simply means creating interest among your targeted customers regarding your business. Some software available on the internet can help you generate those leads specifically. Let’s cover some of them below.

1. Survey Anyplace

If you really want your business to grow with a good amount of customer information, surveying any place is for you. This is one of the most effective social media lead generation tools. As most people use social media sites most of the time, Survey Anyplace will help you target your actual audience properly.

If you don’t have any personalized reports on your customer base, you won’t run your marketing activities properly. Therefore, this sort of lead generation software exactly ensures this. There are several kinds of assessments, like online presence assessment of your customers, lead generation survey, along with some important features.

No matter what size of business you own, you can have very clear data that will guide you in making great strategies. With a deep data structure, there will be no scope for confusion as far as lead generation is concerned.

2. LeadFormly

With the help of LeadFormly, you can easily gain a huge number of leads in a short period of time. Marketers around the world have started to prefer this tool for higher productivity. A conversion-optimized lead capture form allows its users to get a crystal picture of what is happening regarding leads.

There are lots of pre-tested templates that will make your task a lot easier. Creating leads is not enough. Besides, marketers try to turn the leads into actual results.  You can send the leads through several conditional logics to get a clear picture of your strategies.

You don’t have to perform much manual work, as the automation system of LeadFormly disdains the load of work.

3. ProfileMate

When people talk about social media lead generation software, nobody can lag ProfileMate behind. ProfileMate has some outstanding features that will allow you to generate potential leads. The rate of return (ROI) that you will get will be much higher compared to other practices.

With ProfileMate, you can not only extract the emails of your potential customers but also get some unique information as well. Once you have clear information about your customers, it will help you a lot in the marketing journey.

If you are targeting Instagram specifically, then you should definitely go with ProfileMate. It drives through all of the followers’ pages to give the best information source.

You can enter any Instagram page and, after scanning, download the data with ease. Besides, you can get hundreds of thousands of email lists that you can use in your email marketing campaign. So, it is an Instagram Email Extractor online

4. MailShake

If you are a busy businessman online, then you should definitely try Mailshake. MaikShake enables you to create strong engagement with your potential customers. Prior to that, you also get essential information about your target audience. You will get access to automated outreach with this particular tool.

There are thousands of happy customers who are using services from MailShek. They always provide positive feedback about the effectiveness of MailShake. Marketers can incorporate their social media marketing performance via MailShake as it has some useful features.

Customers of this tool also claim that they are getting the expected open rates of emails because of perfect targeting. You don’t need to spend all day if you go through this tool anytime. Its easy access makes this tool stand out.

5. Proprofs Chatbot

The Proprofs chatbot is especially for your website. This is not like the traditional chatbot we have on messenger anymore. Whatever proprofs is one of the most efficient customer support tools that will decrease the load of your work. This is not the end; it can also be used to generate leads.

Once you attach this tool to your website, it will allow you to get thousands of quality leads per day. The bot that works for you usually collects all the information of people who may become your potential customers. 

According to several studies, people prefer using chatbots on any website for further queries.

Are you getting less website engagement? Don’t worry! Proprosf’s chatbot will solve this issue with higher website engagement.

Why Should You Use Social Media Lead Generation Software?

After discussing the 5 most effective tools that help you create leads, you may be wondering why you should go with these. Well, at the end of the day, you may not want your effort to go in vain. These five tools will help you gain quality leads in a shorter period of time. 

Besides, most of this software has free and demo versions too for your consideration. Marketers tend to suggest these tools for a higher rate of return. Don’t rush to higher people as you care enough to perform social media lead generation tasks with these.

If you still have confusion, we suggest you use the “Try Free” segment so that you can interact easily. People are no longer willing to perform manual tasks if there is a way to perform the task in an automated way.


The online world has gradually become very competitive. So, as a business owner or a marketer, you need to take every step very carefully here. Social media sites out there are the greatest way to find your actual customers, aren’t you?

But it’s not a cinch at all. A proper plan with execution will lead you to success and grow your business. Once you know whom you are targeting, the social media lead generation software will come into play. Once you get started, you don’t need to beat around the bush online.