Digital Marketing

There is a lot of buzz around digital marketing in the online community. Traditional marketing has taken a back seat due to the ever-increasing craze of online marketing. Millions of businesses are taking advantage of this dynamic form of marketing and celebrating their success in web marketing. Brands are connecting with global audiences through digital communication without spending a whole lot of their hard-earned money.

But, being a relatively new concept, it has some negativity around it. There are a few myths and misconceptions that are encouraging hesitation among marketers who are planning to incorporate digital marketing into their routine. However, it is the need of the hour to break these myths and misconceptions that are causing fear among marketers around the world so that they can enjoy the perks of digital marketing without having second thoughts.

Therefore, in this article, we will debunk some myths that surround the digital marketing industry. Let’s begin.

1. Managing too many social media platforms is dizzying

People only know and use Facebook for their brand promotion as they feel that managing too many social media accounts can be overwhelming. Even many unsound people have promoted the trend of using only Facebook business pages for promotion. However, this myth should not be followed if you want your business to grow at a rapid pace. You should create your business on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Then, create a strategy on how you can manage them so that you don’t feel the burden. You can even take help from a digital marketing agency to perform the social media optimization for your business.

2. Digital Marketing is only for Big forces

It is the biggest myth that many developing businesses believe, but there is no rule that only big brands should opt for digital marketing. Even online marketing helps tremendously in the initial stage of a business. As the entire world is going digital, one has to cope with the trend and make their online presence felt. Be it an individual or a business, being digital is necessary if they want to thrive in this competitive world. To create an impactful online presence and drive more sales, the help of a digital marketing agency will render great results.

3. Emails Marketing is a spam

Emails are the most decent way to communicate with your potential customers. Sending mail letters or making phone calls were used before the invention of email. There is no false statement that states “many scammers use emails to prevail fraud”, but it can happen with any digital communication platform. So, if used wisely, email marketing can provide a whopping 42% ROI for your investment.

4. Results are Always Instant

Digital marketing needs patience. Many businesses stop their efforts when they don’t get instant results. PPC renders the fastest results but it is not necessary that you will meet your expectations every time. If your campaign is not yielding results in the initial stage, wait for some time before you decide to discontinue it. If you believe that none of your campaigns are providing results, you should consult with a digital marketing agency, as experts working there will help you comprehend the reasons for delayed or no success.

5. SEO is No Longer Needed

Another myth that is misleading many businesses is that SEO is no longer effective. On the contrary to this belief, SEO is a significant part of digital marketing and should not be overlooked if you want permanent and stable outcomes. Many marketers do not add SEO in their curriculum and thus fail to attain the optimum results. It’s just the approach and strategy of SEO change from time to time and every business needs a different SEO approach that can help them meet their needs and expectations.


We have tried debunking all the myths that are causing confusion among the online community so that we can educate our readers and let them form a better strategy for their online promotion campaigns. If you have been following these myths, you should stop. The best advice we can give is to try everything to find what works best for you; just maintain a safe distance from spam techniques.

We hope this information adds value to the lives of our readers and help them make better decisions.