Tips for Editing Instagram Reels

Everyone is familiar with how Instagram reels have become the new sensation. People are hugely attracted to the new Instagram Reels introduced in 2020. 

When the concept of a story was introduced in 2016, Instagram’s appeal had soared, decreasing the popularity of Snapchat. 

Reels are the current trend through which influencers strive to shoot new videos that provide them with an unprecedented number of views. While new editing skills and options are being invented every day, some of the most fantastic editing options for Instagram reels are as follows.

Main editing methods

Choose the Instagram reel option from the main menu to access a variety of editing tools in the video maker. Let’s look at how the different options can make your video popular with viewers.

  1. Length: This option lets the user choose the size of the video. It can be either a 15-second or a 30-second video. Hence, you need to ensure that every second has meaningful content and that the entire duration of the video counts, without using any unnecessary footage.
  1. Audio: Choose an audio track that is energetic and draws attention. The main attraction of Instagram reels is typically the audio in the background. The reels are usually short, addictive, and creative in their approach. 

When you click the audio option, you are exposed to a vast library of songs or audio bytes recorded by others. Choose the music you like and then select the time limit you want, either 15 seconds or 30 seconds. Rehearse enough to ensure that you lip-sync perfectly with the lyrics of your audio track. 

If you’re sure that your own audio piece is fantastic and can go viral, you can always use your original audio to make the reel. In this way, the audio will be available for more people to use in their rotations, increasing your visibility even further.

  1. Speed: Choose the right momentum for our video to be appealing. Decide on a time frame that helps you feature the most attractive content.  For instance, you can try using the fast forward or slow-motion options. Adjust the speed of the video and adjust the audio according to your chosen style of momentum so that the entire reel looks in sync. This adjustment is vital as the beats of the audio control the reel.
  1. Effects: You can choose from an array of very cool Instagram filters that give you the perfect look you desire for your video. Choose carefully from the wide variety of filters so that your video looks pleasing to the viewers while successfully communicating your message.
  1. Timer: The timer helps you get ready to shoot in a countdown in the video maker. This is greatly helpful when you have no one else to assist you. This feature helps you gear up to start your performance for the final video. You will have time to perform according to the reel length that you have selected, either 15 seconds or 30 seconds.
  1. Touch Up: This is a new feature added to Instagram, a tool that makes cosmetic filters. The user is free to adjust the amount significantly, with options that make the skin look smoother and prettier. However, in 2021, most users on social media are encouraged to embrace natural beauty, so beware of overdoing the smooth and glossy images.

Chopping on Actions for Transitions

Chopping off on the actions is a vital skill while editing as it enables you to retain the sense of fluidity between different frames and continuous movement. Even when you plan to do a video about yourself, transitions are crucial and require a lot of planning. There are a lot of excellent examples in the Instagram library, where you can see how users have successfully incorporated this feature in their videos.

Smooth Wipes

Shooting the entire content of your video in one take creates a significant impact on the audience. People start wondering about the precision of the director and the editor behind the video. This kind of effect can be achieved in Instagram reels too. 

This feature allows the makers to trick the audience into bypassing the camera in front of something and stopping. They again start recording from the same place without spoiling the continuity and continue with the plot of the video. 

All you need to do is take your phone and rapidly pass it behind any object. This can be anything that blocks the camera. Then, in the same direction, you need to resume filming from the same spot behind the object and move outward as you continue filming the rest of the reel.

Align Tool

This tool is a favorite among most users. It chooses a frame from a previous clipping and superimposes it throughout the reel. This helps create seamless transitions when you change locations, clothes, or main characters. 

Chop according to beats

This fantastic editing option can be created within the tools if the visual cuts and audio beats are aligned. This has been a tried and tested formula for music video editing where rhythmic forms of visuals are created. It is not essential to cut on every beat, but when you switch scenes, it seems aesthetically pleasant to include quick cuts.

Go with the flow

If you cannot decide on a particular trend from the variety of options presented in the reels, you can use any recurrent theme with both editing and musical techniques. New trends arise when popular music tracks and editing tropes are used time and again. Although they don’t promote being original, popular trends help engage viewers.

These are some steps that you can use to make Instagram reels more appealing. This is a new trend that the viewers are hooked on to. So, to gain impetus in social media, Instagram reels are just stepping stones. Realistic edits are the icing on the top of the cake, making influencers confident about their skills.