Add a link to Instagram Story

With over one billion people using Instagram every month, Instagram is the game changer when it comes to putting your brand out there. Research suggests that 60% of the billions of active Instagram users discover products on the platform. And 75% of the users take action by visiting the website and even end up buying it. While being active on Instagram means more attention and brand awareness, it could be frustrating if you can’t divert the traffic to your website.

If you have a verified Instagram account or have an army of 10000 followers, you have a fantastic feature handy to divert the traffic as you wish. The tool we are talking about is the Swipe-up link. Using this incredible tool, you can introduce your products and services to Instagram users and urge them to Swipe-up the link to your website.

But, how can you add a link to your Instagram stories to make the most out of having a decent Instagram following? Let’s take a few minutes to understand and learn to add links to Instagram stories. Even if you haven’t touched the magical number of 10K followers, keep reading to find some workarounds.

Steps on How to Add Swipe Up Links to Instagram Stories

If you are lucky and have the Swipe-up link feature handy, follow these quick steps to add your website links.

If You Possess 10K Instagram Followers

  1. Upload a video/photo from your gallery or open camera to take a new one.
  2. Tap the little Link Icon at the top of the app screen.
  3. Copy and paste the web link you wish to add to the Story.
  4. Tap on the green tick if you’re an Android user or Tap on Done if you’re on an iOS device.
  5. Publish your Instagram Story, and that’s it.
  6. Test by tapping on the link if it’s working alright.

If You are Still Waiting to Reach 10K Instagram Followers

Can you add a link to your Instagram Stories? The answer is no. But you can use some alternative ways to drive traffic to your preferred site or page. You can get Instagram followers from reliable service providers to increase your follower’s count or apply the below tips to direct traffic to your website.

  • Promote Instagram Stories from the App 

You can add links to your Instagram stories. Yes, it would cost a few bucks to promote your Instagram Stories in the app. When you publish an Instagram Story, you will find an option that lets you promote your Instagram Stories

  • Post Content with ‘Link in Bio’ 

It is the traditional way to redirect Instagram users to visit your website. You can try link-shortening tools to direct potential buyers to your website. There are also free tools available to host multiple links on one landing page. 

  • Use DMs to Send Links

Using DMs as a tool to send links to your customers can be a little tricky. After all, you won’t want to spam users with your website link in DMs. Use the poll sticker in your Instagram Story to ask people if they wish to get a link to your website sent to them. Then, use DMs to send the link if they respond positively.

Why isn’t Swipe-up Feature Available to Every User?

Instagram probably wishes not to allow users to leave their platform. That’s why it will enable Instagram pages that have a following of 10000 or above to use the Swipe-up feature.

Everyone would like to direct their social media following to their websites and generate sales. With this strategy, Instagram is keeping the users stick to the platform and maximising the engagement rate. And of course, Instagram has an in-app shop option for businesses available, where you can set-up your e-commerce store within the app. The tactic is working in favour of Instagram, considering the popularity of the app. Don’t you agree with it?

Ways to Add Links to Your Instagram Stories- Final Thoughts

Instagram’s Swipe-up link feature is an incredible tool to sell your products and make more sales smoothly. The clickable links make it easier for Instagram users to visit your website and take action. So why not use it to full advantage? However, if you are trailing behind to achieve 10K followers, apply the tips discussed above to make it work for you as well.