Dedicated Server Increase Ecommerce Revenue

Whether you want to run a simple website or an ecommerce business, having a user friendly and trustworthy website is very crucial. And Web Hosting plays a very vast and imperative role in the website’s all-embracing reliability, web page load speed and end user experience. With so much competition in the Indian market, if you want to stand out you have to invest in a good hosting service. 

So, a dedicated server India must be acknowledged as the perfect solution that gives you fully featured resources and powerful services to stabilize your E-commerce business in the online market. The India Dedicated Server will not only help you in earning higher revenue but will also help in building trust and loyalty of the customers towards the E-commerce platform. 

But if you have the question in your mind, that the cheapest web hosting solution like a shared server, that provides basic server resources and satisfactory services in a budget environment then, what’s the need to go with the expensive and upgraded plans? So, here we are going to discuss where the shared hosting lacks and due to which you need to opt for the dedicated hosting. 

Disadvantages of a Shared Server 

As per its name, Shared Server shares its valuable resources with all the other websites hosted on the same physical server. So, if one website encounters some technical issues or any attacks, it will badly affect the entire server and all websites. Thus, we can say that shared hosting is less secure. So, when it comes to hosting your E-commerce website on it, then you can’t secure your website data. Moreover, E-commerce sites require highly upgraded and enterprise grade resources. So, when hosted in a shared environment, it pushes shared to exceed its limits. Hence, unable to load heavy traffic. 

Apart from these, if we talk about data storage, then E-commerce sites need a colossal and huge storage space to store thousands of high-quality product images and descriptions on the memory. Whereas a shared host is able to give you limited storage space and when you are trying to overload it. Then your site can suffer from sluggish performance and slow speed. Thus, affect your E-commerce business beyond repair. Thus, a Dedicated Server in India Must be beneficial for your eCommerce business that helps to double your revenue. 

How is Dedicated Server India beneficial?

Dedicated Server

Being best for the large scale businesses, Dedicated Server India is beneficial for your E-commerce Websites by giving your highest uptime, robust hardware specifications to build strong online presence, user friendly environment, and a high traffic compatible platform. 

We compiled the exclusive benefits that influence online marketers to opt for the best and cheap dedicated server India hosting.

Better Reputation of the Website

If you have ever been going through the long check-out process, you may know the difficulty and disappointment of such an experience. Maybe you’ve added your products and services to the cart but left them out from the store. It is because of slow web page loadings speed. Customers usually lose patience when doing online shopping with sluggish websites. So, they abandon the cart and switch the retailers. This affects your E-commerce website and increases the chances of loss. 

So, a Dedicated Server Hosting in India, gives you one-click web page load experience by providing the highest uptime that results in fast performance and high speed. Thus, more happy customers resulting in high revenue. 

Reduced Server Downtime 

Poor or decreased downtime, whether due to any of the reasons like a server outage, DDoS attacks may result in less profits for your E-commerce website. This mostly happens due to the higher downtime during peak time. Even rare interruptions in such time can majorly affect your business reputations and outcomes in low revenue. This especially true for the business owners who run their online E-commerce business. 

So, with a Dedicated Server, you do not need to worry about such sudden downtime. Most of the Dedicated Server India providers proffer you numerous best practices to avoid downtime issues and ensure to run your site smoothly by giving you the highest uptime, DDoS protection, and much more. 

Easily Handles Traffic Surges 

Customers, when buying the products from your E-commerce site surely, not a single customer, are entertaining at one moment. There are thousands of customers placing orders every second. So, to provide them with an easy to use shopping experience without getting a sluggish experience, you just need a large platform with the best user interface support. So, you can able to serve multiple customers at a time. For that, a Dedicated server hosting is the best choice that gives you a large user-friendly, optimized platform to handle thousands of consumers at a time with fast speed. So, customers can enjoy a better service experience and maximize your revenue. 

Uplift your Marketing Efforts

Are you aware of how badly your website speed is affected with SEO efforts? Site speed is one of the major and primary factors that must be considered by the Search Engine algorithms to rank your website. Thus, if your website is undergoing slow speed, ensure to improve it as soon as possible. Unless you can suffer from a major business loss. Thus, Dedicated Server India hosting is the perfect solution that gives you SEO friendly environment to minimize your efforts while improving the SEO results. So, you can earn high revenue from your E-commerce business.  

Additional Features you need 

With your web hosting, there are few more important things that you must need to consider for your E-commerce website. Firstly an SSL certificate that ensures greater data security, and another is a Dedicated IP that must be considered as another factor of site security. Also, it grants fast server speed during traffic surges. Lastly, the most important one is the 99.99% uptime service level agreement to assure customers they won’t face downtime issues. 

Where to Buy the Dedicated Server in India?

For sure, whether to run your E-commerce business or earn revenue from your existing business, you must need a reliable web host that ensures greater availability of reliable resources. For that, you should consider the Serverwala Cloud Datacenter that provides various types of web hosting. Among them, Dedicated Server India based hosting is one that gives you a user friendly platform with powerful components such as greater uptime, fast web page loading speed, highest speed, SEO friendly solutions, and SSL certificate to boost your business. So, you can easily make efforts to grow your E-commerce business smoothly with the cheap Dedicated Server India Hosting. Thus, maximum the sales, maximum the profit from your E-commerce business. 

Final Words

Dedicated Server Hosting is a powerful web hosting that ensures high caliber and reliable resources. Also, the hosting solution furnishes your E-commerce business needs by giving you top-notch resources and a broad range of exclusive features, premium perks including high bandwidth, capacity to handle heavy loads, 99.99% uptime, optimized performance, 20X faster server speed, one-click web page load speed, SEO friendly environment, and much more. These enterprise grade resources help to boost your E-commerce website. As it has numerous benefits, you can deploy them to grow your online E-commerce business or store easily. Thus, growing an eCommerce business benefits you with huge profits and maximum revenue.