How to Find Your Likes on Instagram

Most major social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook seem to be evolving with every passing day. You will hear a new feature rolled out every second day of the week. It is simply because the users are expecting more from the networks and demanding them to offer more control over their social profiles. Logically, it makes sense to a great extent too. You upload your private data such as family pictures, videos of events, and contextual content for your viewers, followers and users. And you definitely would like to have more control on the details just so to be able to analyse the progress.

Likes on Posts

It is almost everyday that we scroll down our feeds on the social pages and view hundreds of posts from our influencers, friends, family members and peers. You may hit that heart button on Instagram over and over throughout the day. I would say that the heart button is a sign of appreciation from your side on the posts that you love and like. After collecting the data that you find to be interesting and entertaining Instagram application sends over more of the similar posts of interests your way. So that you don’t miss out on any fun part in a single day even if you are browsing for only fifteen minutes.

Organized Data

Fortunately, Facebook and Instagram along with many renowned social networks are using advanced AI systems to keep track of user’s data. It’s just a way for these networks to assess the behavior of the user as per their likes and dislikes. For instance, there was a time when video content with graphic and explicit information was allowed on Facebook. But then there came a time when people turned more vocals against the users for posting graphic content because it was not pleasant nor friendly for adults and children.

 Considering that now Facebook blocks the video that has mature or explicit or graphic content. Any video that promotes animal cruelty or hate speech against a race, breed, religion or certain community is not allowed anymore.   In other words, now you get your hands on only the content that you wish to view on your feed and it will never bring a tear in your eyes.

User-oriented App:

Let’s cut the chase out and talk about Instagram again. The application seems to be promoting user friendly content only and that’s for the love of their users. Such applications are hard to find that take care of their users as their family members. You might be one of those who never post much on Instagram, instead you love browsing the feeds for interesting content and you happen to like a lot of posts in a row. It is simply because you love doing it and you make yourself a part of communication by posting comments on the videos and posts of your friends and family members. 

There comes a time when you wish to view some particular Instagram posts from your family members or beloved friends yet one more time. There could be a reason that you wish to see how many posts you have liked in the previous days, if so, you can pretty much access your own data and keep track of everything by using Instagram.  Yes, you can pretty much find your likes on Instagram.

How to Find Your Likes on Instagram?

On Instagram whenever you write a comment or push that heart button on any video or image post you leave a footmark behind. You can definitely save the hyperlinks of your favorite posts or save them, but there’s another way of finding your likes on Instagram. If you wish to do it, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly you need to sign into your Instagram account from mobile or computer or tablet whatever you are using. 
  • Secondly, look for the menu button and from there tap on the settings.
  • Select an account from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap on the option ‘post you have liked’.
  • Click on it.

Once you click on the option you get a date wise archive of all the posts that you have recently viewed and liked on Instagram.

Exploring New Content

You might have your own reasons for going back to look for all the posts that you liked a day, week or month ago. It will help you find all the users whose posts you feel fancy for. For instance, if you are a follower of a makeup influencer but don’t remember her name, you could check the history. Try to recall the day or time when you visited her page and liked a couple of posts. Click on any of the posts and here you will make your way back to her profile. This way you would be able to find more of her posts about makeup and tutorials that you might have missed all that time when you just came online to browse a few posts on the feed.

Exclusive Features:

There will be a time when data will become more organized day and day wise on social networks. It’s just a matter of time that you will find more of the productive features from social networking applications because every single day there’s something more. If you are already using Instagram for business and its growth you might have a clear idea of how significant the pie charts are becoming in analysing and filtering out the data required for the promotional campaign. Likewise, there are exclusive useful features being added for Instagram users, for instance now they are allowed to sync more than two accounts on one device and synchronization with FB is also possible. This is quite fascinating to even talk about. You don’t have to post data individually or separately on the networks because it could be time consuming. You can view or remove your own likes on posts, read comments and write comments, find interesting content that fits your moods and whatnot.