Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels has finally created its way to many different countries, and here’s a way to produce your 1st reel and upload it for the world to see. If you’re already aware of the Instagram app and specifically with the Instagram Story feature, then you’ll have no trouble making and sharing your first reel.

How to Make Instagram Reels 

Step #1: Choose Your Music, Speed, and Filters

Now let’s begin to make your first Instagram Reels. First, you have to tap the Instagram Stories camera and then choose the recently added Reels option. If you would like music to go with it, you’ll explore an appropriate song in the Instagram music library. If you want your audio, then all you need to do is record a reel with it, and also the original sound will be there.

Do note that once a reel is shared, which has your original audio, the audio will then be utilized by others online, provided you have a public account. It can be done by visiting your reel, so choosing the “Use Audio” option.

Timer and Countdown

You will choose components of a song too, to be featured in your video. Now you need to decide how long the video is going to be and after how many seconds the recording will start, known as timer and countdown respectively.

The timer will help you to record the video with your hands, not sure of the phone. As soon as you press the record button, the countdown will begin, and also the recording can then continue for as long as you keep the timer to be.

Speed Up or Down

Just like Instagram Stories, you’ll choose many different effects to go with your clip. So you’ll select if you want to slow a selected part of the video or even speed it up. This is how you create terrific slow-mo videos.

Step #2: Shoot Your Video

Now since you got all of your settings precisely how you require them, let’s begin recording. To record, you have to press and hold the capture button, similar to you would do for an Instagram Story. A progress indicator can appear on the top of the screen as you record.

When you are done recording, you’ll then add effects like stickers, GIFs, and text. You’ll also choose if you would like your text to seem at a precise purpose in the video. If you want your writing to be visible only in the first half of your video, then alter the slider, so it covers only that half.

Step #3: Tap Share!

Now since you have created your incredible first reel, you need to show it off to your friends. You’ll add hashtags, captions, tag your friends, edit the thumbnail and choose where the clip should be shared.

If your Instagram account is public, post your reel in the Explore’s dedicated area so a far larger Instagram community will currently see your clip. However, if your account is private, the clip is going to be shared to your feed, and people can’t utilize your original audio for their clips.