Kim Kardishan - A Reality TV Star

American TV reality star Kim Kardashian West has become a billionaire, and she has joined the ‘upper class’ of riches.

According to business magazine Forbes, her net worth has reached dollar 1 billion through TV shows in which she took part and commercials, as well as clothing and cosmetics.

She is now one of the 2,755 people on Forbes’ list of global billionaires.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is at the number one position in the list with a net worth of 177 billion USD.

Last year’s list of Americans included dating app maker Whitney Wolf herd (1.3 billion), filmmaker Tyler Perry (1 billion) and casino magnate Sheldon Edelston’s widow Mary Edelston (38.2 billion).

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Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, is already on the list with 1.8 billion, while Forbes removed from the list his sister Kylie Jenner last year, saying her family had increased the value of her cosmetics business. Exaggerated.

How Kim Kardashian became a billionaire?

Forbes estimated in October that 40-year-old Kim Kardashian’s net worth had risen from 780 million to 1 billion when she bought shares in KKW Beauty Cosmetics and Skims Shapeware. The price went up.

They launched KKW in 2017, while Schmidt was launched two years later. Schmidt’s first name was Comuno, but they changed the name after she was accused of taking advantage of Asian culture.

Kim Kardashian sold 20% of KW’s cosmetics company KOTI last year for  200 million, bringing the total value of the business to 1 billion.

Their latest project, Schemes, presents home-made clothing and underwear for men and women in the typical minimalist style of its founder, and has been extremely successful in today’s home-based workplace.

She used his 213 million fans on social media to promote the scams during the lockdown.

Kim Kardashian got the fame in the year 2007 from a reality show about her family, and the show is still very popular today.

She reportedly filed for divorce in February after a seven-year marriage to singer Kanye West and four children.

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