TikTok Metrics

Your TikTok marketing videos are getting a lot of views, but the leads aren’t coming in. What are you doing wrong? Why is your business struggling to convert these views into sales?

You may be using the wrong tool for tracking your social media marketing campaigns. A metric that’s ideal with one platform may be irrelevant to another. The solution is finding the right tools to use with TikTok marketing.

What are TikTok Metrics?

TikTok metrics are tools that indicate the performance of the videos you post on this platform.

Here are the most important TikTok metrics to track performance.

TikTok Followers Growth Rate

Business competitors may have more followers than you, but this is not a sign they are doing better than you. Their number may be stagnant while yours is growing. Knowing this makes sense on why the TikTok followers growth rate is a more efficient metric. 

Attracting new followers is crucial to increasing your brand awareness and influence. By having a higher growth rate soon, you’ll have more followers than your competitors.

Average Watch Time

TikTok will record a view even if a person watches your videos for just 2 or 3 seconds. Having many views can therefore mislead you into thinking your videos are successful. You need to check how long people are watching your videos. 

Use the average watch time metric for a more reliable assessment of the video performance. If your videos have a low watch time, consider changing the style or theme. Look for how you can make captivating videos that people watch to the end. 

Profile Views

Marketing on TikTok should elicit a wide range of reactions, not just increase sales. Simple actions can indicate whether or not you accomplished your goal. The best videos entertain the viewers and arouse their interest in learning about your brand.

A simple gesture like viewing the profile shows interest. The more profile views you have, the more leads you’ll generate. Ensure you have a great profile that provides as much information as possible. 

Seek ways you can make people who watch your videos also view your profile. 

Average Comment Rate

Video likes aren’t an effective way of measuring engagement on TikTok. Some of the likes you get are from people who haven’t watched the video. These people have no clue about what you’re marketing. 

Only people who have connected with your video will leave comments. The comments help you understand how viewers feel about your brand. The data is critical for creating future TikTok marketing videos.

Also, compare the number of comments you get from various videos you post. Growing comments shows that people are engaging more with your brand. If comments drop, realize you’re losing loyal viewers and take the appropriate action. 

Looking to Get a Favorable TikTok ROI?

The most important TikTok metrics help with data analysis and deciding the best action to take. You’ll discover if the money you’re spending on these campaigns is worth it or not. With this data, you’ll make adjustments to generate more leads. 

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