Online Education

Teachers and students now have plenty of applications to make the academic process pleasure and practical.

At the Techpally conference, Juan Luis Mejía said, and i quote -“we are living an exciting time, where the traditional means of transmitting knowledge such as reading and images have been enriched by many platforms. 

Even in the high schools and universities, technology has greatly impacted learning.

Especially in research, there are different technological tools that are driving learning.

For the scope of this education tools, my focus is on mobile or desktop applications that students can download and use to learn while in school or at home. 

Uses of Education Tools 

Today, teachers have at our disposal a basket of tools that can expand and facilitate the educational process ”.

In addition to improving the classroom environment, digital tools are important in self-taught processes.

 Teachers have the possibility to give their students the tools and references so that they can continue learning outside the classroom.

When spoken with Darío Fuentes on one of our e-interview series on Techpally, Dario said – digital tools can also be used outside the classroom so that teachers gain time and students learn at home.

This model is called flipped classroom. that allows young people to arrive with prior class knowledge”.

Applications are a good tool because of their easy access, in addition to the potential they have to contribute to education.

Some apps allow you to review a topic, memorize and rank information, present a concept, and create teacher interaction.

Here are some options for free apps on iOS and Android that stand out in terms of education, aimed at young people of all ages, teachers, and parents to make studying, in the classroom and at home, an innovative and fun experience.

Education Apps for Students 

There are hundreds of education apps on Google Play Store and Amazon store. 

While some applications are completely free, some are paid while some have freemium and premium version.

Here today, i present some of the best applications for self-learning and online education.

  • Nearpod

This education tool offers a wide set of activities to enhance an interaction between students and teachers through questions and answers.

Students can easily ask a burning question in their mind without any fear of being embarrassed.

There are some students who’re introverted and too timid that they hardly contribute to discussions in the classroom.

Education application like this will help remove such a barrier in the learning process.

Also, it allows the teacher to choose from a library of lessons ready to teach, says Techpally.

Khan Academy

Students, teachers, and parents can find 4,000 videos and more to review math, science, economics, finance, and extraordinary computers.

Especially for students, there are illustrative videos, charts etc that can help you to understand a particular subject better.

Also, it has Khan Academy Kids, designed for the learning of children from two to six years old.

Khan academy caters for learning in all stages of education.

Google Classroom

The technology giant has the Google Classroom app.

It is a virtual place for teachers to notify their students about when and how they should turn in their work, in turn, they can use the platform to send homework.

Google classroom tries to model the classroom with four walls. 

It can complete the teaching process in the physical classroom, says Techpally boss. 

Once the students have this app on the mobile phone, a teacher can assign works and communicate directly from the app. 


It’s the easiest way for students to organize ideas and rank the information in their notes with the creation of mind maps. 

The application is useful for studying for exams and presenting complex topics in front of a group.

Mindly emphasizes on quality information. 

Most times, students rely on the internet to get ideas about any topic and sometimes, the information presented by publishers, especially  Health ublishers may not be accurate and reliable.

With Mindly, information is rated and students can better understand their subject matter. 


The social network for learning Languages. 

Students will connect with teachers who speak English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, and Polish. Busuu also has courses.


In classrooms, both teachers and students should focus on maintaining the attention of a group during a lecture or a presentation. 

ThingLink is the application for the fast creation of interactive images, infographics, and videos.


One of the most successful tools among teachers, the app encourages student participation through a new augmented reality method that allows each student to answer a question asked by the teacher.


Education has evolved greatly in the last few decades.

It is now easier to learn new things without the presence of teachers in this digital age. 

This is a welcome development, and education apps should be embraced by scholars and academicians.