You may not have heard of conversion rate optimization (CRO), but it is possibly the most important aspect of your digital marketing campaigns.

Many businesses focus on getting potential customers to their website, but what happens when they are there? After all, there is no point in spending money and exerting effort if customers don’t take the desired action.

This is where CRO comes into the equation. By focusing on influencing customer behavior, you can massively increase your sales revenue and boost brand awareness.

Read on to find out how to achieve optimal results using this essential marketing technique.

What Is CRO? 

CRO refers to encouraging customers to take specific actions when they are on your website. For example, it could be that you want a consumer to make a purchase, or perhaps you’d like them to sign up to receive your emails.

Whatever your goal is, you need to provide a value proposition that gives your prospect a firm reason to take action.

The internet is a crowded place, and people are constantly bombarded with information, so why should they take notice of your message?

Optimize CRO Using Customer Behavior

The first step is to understand the customer journey. In traditional sales, a consumer would walk into a store, choose a product off the shelf, and take their purchase to the till.

However, an online customer has virtually unlimited options. They could click through numerous pages on your website, or they could go to a competitor’s site in just a few seconds.

Therefore, you need to understand what information on your website is a selling point and which aspects have a negative effect. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use customer behavior tracking software.

Using this technology, you can see how much time customers spend on each of your website pages and when they leave to view another site.

You can also use specialized services to watch how anonymized and unbiased customers behave on your website to get clear and transparent information.

This can be a complex area, and you can make the process easier by working with an expert company such as

This method provides invaluable information, allowing you to amend pages that are not performing at the optimum level. 

Consider Customer Intention

You already likely use several different marketing techniques to attract customers to your site. But you need to consider their motivation for visiting and reading your information.

For example, if you are an authority in your industry, you probably use SEO and post useful articles that help potential customers solve a problem. But, you don’t want them to leave immediately after reading your post.

You need to remember that people are visiting your website because they have a specific problem.

When you give them the solution, you can also present them with your product or service to help them achieve their goal more easily.

This is an excellent opportunity to promote your business and ensure consumers do not need to visit a competitor’s website.

When people know you are a reliable and trustworthy company, they are more likely to purchase from your business rather than look elsewhere.

Increase Your Credibility

To increase your CRO, it’s vital to display to customers why they should buy from your business instead of competitors.

There are simple ways to do this, such as ensuring your website has an SSL certificate that shows it is safe to visit your site. You should also list your business details on local directories to increase your online presence.

Search engines such as Google and Bing change their algorithms constantly. But one constant is that they always want to direct their clients to the best services. 

Therefore, it can be a good idea to have an online review section on your website. You already know you provide a terrific service, and you can include your opinion on your website.

But, social proof has a greater effect on convincing customers that they should give their business to your store. This is a great way to remove a barrier to conversion from customers who are still on the fence.

After all, would you rather make a purchase based on hundreds of positive reviews or one based on a handful of ratings?

Retarget for More Conversions

Many consumers don’t purchase a product or service on their first visit to a website. This means it is important to pay attention to your retargeting strategies so you can attract them back.

While you don’t want to bombard consumers with unwanted ads, you also don’t want them to forget about your store. This can be a balancing act, but getting it right can pay rich dividends.

You could retarget the customer using a banner ad or send them more useful hints and tips if they have provided you with their email address.

This technique makes it much more likely the customer will buy from your store rather than choosing to go to a competitor.

Begin Your CRO Journey Today

Having a CRO strategy can increase your chances of getting customers to take the action you require. This can be a powerful tool for increasing sales revenue and boosting your brand awareness.

If you begin your CRO journey today, you could see positive results sooner than you think.

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