Female fitness models Instagram

From beauty to weightlifters and celebrity trainers, these stylish women reveal the fittest work motivation on Instagram. Follow these Instagram models for workout ideas, stunning photography, and inspiration to become active both inside and outside the gym. These Instagram fitness models will motivate you to get your body into shape.

Here is the list of the top 20 hottest female fitness models on Instagram.

#1 Michelle Lewin


Michelle Lewin is one of the most prominent personalities on social media in the fitness industry. She is lived in South Florida, but social media’s power has enabled her to reach fans worldwide. She is one of the most loving fitness models globally, with a massive following on Instagram. In addition, she appears on several magazine covers, including sports & fitness, with her smooth physique inspiring many others.

#2 Kayla Itsines


Kayla Itsines is an Australian Instagram fitness model and instructor. She is strongly recognized for her ebook series, titled Bikini Body Guides, her meal-planning and workout app named Sweat with Kayla. She has been mentioned in the top 30 most influential people on the internet by Time Magazine. Also, she has been called the richest self-made female below 40 in Australia. 

#3 Anllela Sagra


Anllela Sagra is a Colombian fashion and fitness model that discovered her love for fitness with social media posts. Anllela studies fashion design. She considers determination, steadiness, and commitment in her work and inspires others to seek their strengths daily. She has a massive amount of fan following on Instagram. 

#4 Ana Cheri


Ana Cheri was born and grew up in Southern California; She is a model, actress, and fitness influencer recognized for her bold posts on Instagram. She likes to share her workout and provides two primary plans for females to lose weight and increase booty size.

 #5 Jen Selter


Jen Selter is a famous American celebrity, fitness model, nutritionist, and lifestyle social media influencer with a perfect booty and abs workout. She loves fitness exercise and believes in motivating others to accomplish their personal fitness goals with her workout ideas.

#6 Eva Andressa


Eva Andressa is one of the successful female fitness models. She is a Brazilian female bodybuilder, fitness trainer, and nutrition model. She has participated in championships such as the IFBB and utilized her social media fame to support her passion and fitness lifestyle.

 #7 Julia Gilas


Julia Gilas, a fitness icon, was born on December 15, 1984, in Ukraine. She moved to the USA in 2010 and took citizenship in America in 2013. Julia is a personal trainer, fashion, and fitness model who focuses on helping her fans to stay motivated and fit within the ease of their own homes. She began fitness workouts after catching into unhealthy habits as a model. After starting a fitness workout, Julia never looks back and steps forward as a fitness queen.

#8 Bella Falconi


Bella Falconi started her work as a fitness model in 2011. She is a fitness model, nutritionist, and certified professional trainer. She was born and grown in Brazil and presently lives in Florida with her partner and young girl.

After starting her career with social media and motivational lessons, she became publicly recognized and appreciated in the fitness industry.

#9 Paige Hathaway


Paige Hathaway is a health/fitness expert and social media influencer. She is a famous fitness figure and trainer whose interest in health, fitness, and nutrition is determined by her cooperation in the Ronnie Coleman Classic. Paige has a huge following on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. She aims to help others to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle with her training programs.

#10 Lauren Drain Kagan


Lauren Drain Kagan is a certified nurse, fitness model, WBFF Bikini Pro, NASM certified personal trainer, and adventure lover. She is also the author of the BANISHED New York Times bestseller, which describes her life and inevitable exit from the Westboro Baptist Church.

#11 Sandra Prikker


Sandra Prikker is a fitness model and apparel designer. She is excited about her fitness and physique. Sandra started her athletic campaign with engagement in kickboxing, but following, she moved into the fitness side of things as she became mature. She shows her passion for fitness with her customizable program, including nutrition programs and one-on-one training through her mobile app.

#12 Kelsey Wells


Kelsey Wells is a fitness model, personal trainer, wife, and mother. Kelsey aims to help her fans by living a healthy lifestyle, feels strong and confident with her workout. She wants to enable females of all life stages to transfer their bodies, empower their self-belief with fitness.

#13 Massy Arias


Massy Arias is a certified fitness trainer and booster who resides in Los Angeles, California. Her variation in exercise techniques helped her stay fit and healthy during her current pregnancy. She encourages her broad Instagram audience every day with her confident mindset and muscular physique.

#14 Emily Skye


Emily Skye is a fitness model and personal trainer from Australia. She encourages women to feel strong and empowered by doing fitness training. Emily is also a blogger, Reebok global brand ambassador, online trainer, and make-up professional.

#15 Gia Macool


Gia Macool, aka “Gia Marie Macool,” is a fashion, fitness model, and coach. She is an American model, fitness expert, and health lifestyle influencer and also has her own cool fit tv app.

#16 Alice Matos


Alice Matos is a bikini, magazine cover model, and professional fitness person from Brazil. She was motivated by social media celebs and started a fitness workout in 2010. Following two years of hard practice, she competes in her first contest. She encouraged millions around the world to begin their fitness attention and inspire them to a fit lifestyle.

 #17 Lyzabeth Lopez


Lyzabeth Lopez is an award-winning exceptional fitness trainer, nutritionist, instructor, TV host, editor, magazine cover model, and social media influencer.

She is also the founder and lead trainer of the Hourglass Workout. In addition, she utilized her huge social media presence to give fitness guidance and encouraged women to transform their body shapes for over 15 years.

#18 Karina Elle


Karina Elle is a fitness model and personal trainer. She offers fitness programs to do from home.

#19 Alexa Jean Hunt


Alexa Jean Brown is a mother of two children and a fitness lover. She tries to help and motivate women to continue workouts into their busy lives. She likes to include her children into her favorite Instagram posts, which describe her healthy & steady lifestyle.

#20 Anna Victoria


Anna Victoria is a certified professional fitness trainer, model, and the founder of The 12 Week Fit Body Guides & the Fit Body app. She has been assisting females since 2015 to obtain their fitness objectives.