FBF mean on Instagram

Have you ever looked back at your old photos when you were only seven years old and whispered under your sighs “Oh! I was so innocent and cute back then”? We all keep our old photos packed up in albums to protect as valuable assets. Those old pictures and videos of your parents, family members, and yourself are more than a memory of past time for you. You keep them, look at them, and cherish them. 

Time flies! It’s like we are living in a loop of 24 hours over and over. You might have a lot of memories attached with your graduation day and sometimes you wish to turn the pages of the past around just to get a peek of your life. You were happy, flamboyant, and full of life. With the time comes struggle and realities of hard life. You used to be an innocent cutie pie, a kid who loved games, cartoons, drawings on chalkboard and all those things that a normal kid loves. Now you have grown up to become an adult and you have finally realized that life is not a bed of roses. However, you still try to live the best of time, taking pictures of birthday parties, celebrations and family events. 

There’s good news that you can share your memories with your friends, colleagues, classmates and family members now through social media networks. It is understandable that life got busier than usual in your job and home life, you don’t get enough time to exposureress your love for the ones who you care about the most. There’s another easy way for you to use social networks for expressing your love and compassion by sharing your old pictures on Friday with family members and friends. 

FBF at a glance:

The world of acronyms is expanding with time as the influencers, game lovers, celebrities and Instagram users are making custom slang of their own to make communication easier for everyone. Instead of writing a word or term in its full context, you can use the abbreviation to save your time in typing. Since we all use smartphones these days, it is much easier to write down tbh than writing the whole three words as, to be honest.

Among many trendy slang and acronyms, one is FBF, it refers to Flash Black Friday, which is a day when the users can share their old photos on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Even if you are using Whatsapp, you can put your old photos on status with a hashtag or caption of “FBF”, which would mean that you are posting as a part of Flashback Friday and the photos are from a certain event that you celebrated a long time ago.

What does FBF mean on Instagram?

It means Flashback Friday on Instagram. You can share your old family or business photos on Friday only in particular on Instagram.  Not necessarily, the pictures, audios, and videos should be from years back, they could be from last year as well. It all depends on what else you want to share on your account. In my opinion, the older photos get a better response on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter compared to the media content which is weeks or months ago. 

It’s just that we as humans are more curious by nature about the old time. We have lived our past and even if it is gone, all the stories of a particular day and event are still registered as a memory in our brain. We are emotional beings who love to keep the past in our memory. And for having intense emotions about a particular day or night could be for a reason as well. I have seen many people have saved photos of the times when their parents were alive. This makes sense too. You never wish to forget those memories and times you had shared with the parents when they were alive. When you grow up, you get split from your family, some siblings get married and others settle in different states. In that case, you can always relive the day when you had fun with your mother or father by sharing their pictures with the hashtags FBF.  It would make you feel relaxed to think about the time when everything was just the way that you wanted it to be. Perhaps, now it looks like a dream but it used to exist.

What can you share on your personal Instagram account?

If you intend to use the hashtag “FBF”, make sure to use it with the old photos and post them on Friday only. The hashtag must be used on Friday only as the acronym suggests. Well, you may already have planned about the pictures, videos, and media content that you can share on your social accounts such as Instagram and Facebook. However, I would love to share some ideas with you about the content that you can think of sharing. 

  • Photos and videos of your school and college life.
  • The memories of the times when you used to live together with your family members, loved ones and parents. 
  • Beautiful pictures of your journey from your country to Thailand, Singapore and any other country that you have visited. 
  • Your best old shots of the scenery, landscapes, buildings and events. 
  • Videos of birthday and party celebrations from the times when you were young. 

The list goes on and on. You may have particular memories of your own that are present in the form of images you can share with your friends and loved ones. It would be exciting and fun to do it.

What can you share on a business Instagram account?

On your business Instagram account, you can use the FBF hashtag to show your progress from a certain time period to now. The pictures of the year when you commenced up the business are worth sharing with a textual explanation of how long it took for you to be where you are now.

Share the old advertisements and flyers that you used for promoting your brand, product, and services. The old media content is more than a valuable antique art piece on your social network and people will appreciate the efforts that you put into visual content to present your Instagram story view about business.