What is Instagram Clipboard

Instagram is an entertaining social media platform where you share pictures and stories. The more engaging posts you share on this forum, the more views you can get on Instagram. You don’t have any content available a few times, but you can perform the unique content available on the Internet to continue your post consistency. You can copy text or pictures from different platforms and paste it via Instagram Clipboard for this purpose.

Here is The Question that What is Instagram Clipboard?

It’s a board-formed section at your Instagram app. This board will keep all the pictures or text content that you have copied from some other place. A Clipboard is a storage place for your newly copied data from different internet sources like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

How to Use Instagram Clipboard?

Utilizing an Instagram clipboard is totally simple, and you can navigate the simple dashboard by yourself. You require to click and press the text field for one moment, and a clipboard will appear automatically. It will display your available copied files and pictures. You can select both an image or text from these available files when preparing to post an Instagram story. But, when you create a new Instagram post, you can exclusively paste a copied text from someplace else; you can’t paste a picture.

Where is my Clipboard on Instagram?

You can get access to clipboards on Instagram when you produce a new post or story. There is no straight menu option to get way to all the data that you have copied. Story and post sharing pages are two sections where you can quickly discover clipboards on Instagram.

Where’s the Clipboard Option for the iPhone?

When you require to paste copied stuff on the iPhone, you will understand the ways mentioned below. Both will allow you to access the Clipboard on the iPhone. For entering Clipboard on an iPhone, you require to press and hold a text area for a moment, and you will view a copied data that you paste in the text area.

You need to know that you won’t save so many copy files on your iPhone, unlike Android devices, where you can copy some text or visual data. You can reach only available current reproduced stuff of any platform. It’s a piece of volatile memory in iPhone as the time you copy different text from someplace, and it would overwrite existing copied content.

How to Get an Access to Clipboard on Instagram?

Do you want to gain access to a clipboard on Instagram? It’s feasible to get this access in two ways.

#1 Post Sharing Page

You can get access to an Instagram clipboard when you create a new post. Here is something you require to perform.

  • At the Start of all, copy stuff like a picture or text from an online site. 
  • Proceed to Instagram, press the + icon button, and move forward to your gallery section.
  • Pick a picture from your gallery and tap Next.
  • You can also apply filters on your picture or tap NEXT.
  • When you enter the New Post section, you will see the option “Write a caption.”
  • Tap on this section and press it with your thumb for a moment.
  • It’s the point when you will see Clipboard, click on it, and you will be capable of seeing various files. 

#2 Story Sharing Page

How to get an Instagram Clipboard? A distinct way to obtain a clipboard is to continue to the Story distribution page. This way allows you to copy and paste both text and graphic data. Here is what you require to perform.

  1. Move to a site, copy a picture or text from there.
  2. Proceed to Instagram.
  3. Swipe right to move to the camera selection.
  4. Click on the gallery option, which is available at the bottom left side of the camera.
  5. Choose an image. 
  6. Tap on the Aa key at the upper right side.
  7. There, You will notice a text insertion box; click and press it for a moment. 
  8. The clipboard button will appear; now, pick the stuff you copied.
  9. Paste this on the text insertion section. 
  10. Also, you can select a picture that will seem on the photo that you previously chose. You would be capable of changing the size of that new image and creating a story with a pasted picture.


If you desire to get a clipboard on your smartphone to copy or paste some stuff, it will be only available on the story or post sharing page. There is no visible place where you can review all the things you should copy so far. I believe you should get a complete hold of the thought of what Clipboard is on Instagram. Read this guide and discover Clipboard on your smartphone, and begin sharing some remarkable stories and pictures on your Instagram profile.