What is Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is similar to a search engine for photos, and it is pretty helpful for your promotion efforts. Essentially if your business is working in a visual place, like home decorating, make-up, fashion, or tourism, you’ll gain plenty of new clients there. Pinterest has 400 million monthly active users, and its users primarily contain ladies. It’s a platform where the users are probably the most curious about new products. They use Pinterest frequently to find new items and designs and get inspired by them. Considering this vast and product-hungry user base, it’s a requirement for an organization to require its place on Pinterest. Let’s begin with promoting with this social media platform if you’re interested in learning Pinterest marketing.

Set up Your Pinterest Account and Profile

Considering if you’re an organization, you need to open a business account. 

Follow this link to create a Pinterest business account. Keep in mind to feature your web site link and connect your different social media/shopping accounts like Etsy, Instagram, and YouTube. When you open a business account, go onto your profile page and edit your image and name. Define your trade professionally in the “About” section. Claim your website utilizing the “Claim” section in the left-hand area, which will permit you to measure website analytics information. 


Decide on Your Target Audience

You should select your Pinterest target users at this early stage since you must customize your pins, pinboards, and descriptions in keeping with that. So, choosing your target market will confirm your Pinterest strategy, and while selecting your following, you should examine your business’ client profile and Pinterest’s user demographics. Typically, the crossing is your desired market, and you must keep in mind that during all your efforts.


Build Your Profile Visually Appealing

Because Pinterest is a visual social media platform, the images you display on your profile can present your success or not. Make your photos taken in a correct lightening and with a happy background, and following successive steps.

Choose Your Cover Photo

Put an appropriate cover image to your profile, and watch out that this image represents all the product groups you sell. If you don’t have such a picture, consider operating with a freelance photographer. Keep in mind that you can even add the board name on the image, which is able to build your profile user friendly.

Prepare Your Boards

Think regarding your product classes and build a pinboard for each one of them. Select a cover image for each, and try to decide on it from your best marketing products to drive additional users. Write a knowledgeable description for every board; highlight the depths of your product or service group. Be industry-specific while writing the stories, to rank on these keywords on the Pinterest platform search.

Start Pinning Your Posts

Having your profile and pinboards are established, pinning is your next step. Before going down to pin, you should design a schedule. Keep in mind that pinning five times daily is the most helpful, so you should select five times daily and keep on with it. Try not to provides a break, as this can cause your users to forget you.

According to studies of Pinterest, 85% of users place more importance on visuals than to text. So the photos you pin should be skilled, but you should also concentrate on description and links. The followings are some tips to use when pinning:

  • In the descriptive section, list all of your product or service specifications. 
  • Edit your photos aspect ratios and build them mobile-friendly.
  • Add your brands to the picture to extend your brand recognition.

Using Pinterest Ads

Other than promoting with Pinterest, you’ll additionally use Pinterest Ads and reach a broader user base. There are different ads that Pinterest offers, like Promoted Pins, One-Tap Pins, Promoted Carousels, Promoted Video Pins, Buyable Pins, and Story Pins. To advertise on Pinterest, you should,

  • Open a business account
  • Install the Pinterest tag
  • Choose your campaign kind (awareness reservation, awareness, engagement, video reservation, video awareness, promoted app pin, or traffic)
  • Set your campaign budget
  • Define your target audience
  • Add keywords and schedule

After advertising on Pinterest, you must frequently track your campaign performance and optimize it. 



We have talked regarding Pinterest promoting, a way to market on Pinterest, and advertising on Pinterest. Though these steps and tips are for businesses, alternative pinners like freelance architects or graphic designers can even use it.

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