Pop Smoke Net Worth

Pop Smoke is the professional name for Bashar Barakah Jackson. The singer was an American artist, songwriter and rapper who launched his musical career in the year. A few months after he started creating his own projects, Smoke had an international breakthrough with his smash track “Welcome to the Party”. The hip hop track climbed many charts across different countries and eventually was ranked the 13th spot according to Complex Magazine’s “best songs of 2019” list.

Pop Smoke was considered by many to be the poster child for “Brooklyn drill,” a subgenre of the region centred around Brooklyn.


Pop Smoke started his career as a rapper and singer in the year 2018. He was in the Brooklyn recording studio with the popular rapper Jay Gwuapo however, his co-worker became sleepy because he was high on drugs. At the moment Pop attempted rapping for the first time. He also utilized the beat of 808Melo’s YouTube channel for his debut single Mpr.

Why is he so well-known?

Bashar gained notoriety primarily because of his violent and minimalist instruments that gained from the collaborations he had with British hip producers and artists. Bashar was born in Brooklyn, New York, on the 20th of July in 1999. He is the son of a Panamanian while his mother, Jamaican.

Jackson spent the majority of his youth living in the Brooklyn Canarsie section. When he was in eighth grade, Jackson was ejected from school because he had brought firearms. In that period it was also a matter of two years in the house since he was detained for possession of firearms.

When he was in his teens, Bashar was more interested in basketball, particularly basketball. Basketball skills earned him a scholarship at the Rocktop Academy in Philadelphia. While at the prep school the student spent about a couple of months before deciding to pursue a career in rap.

What was The Net Worth of Pop Smoke?

American artist, rapper and music producer Pop Smoke had a net worth of $2 million dollars at the time of his demise in the year 2020.

Pop Smoke Wiki/Biography

Born on the 20th of July, 1999 The age of Pop Smoke was 20 when he breathed his last breath on the 19th of February, 2020. Pop Smoke was raised and educated in an upper-middle-class Christian family in Canarsie, Brooklyn, United States. He was an American by birth and belonged to the Christianity religion. His primary schooling was completed in nine different schools situated in Brooklyn, New York.

He was exiled from school due to bringing firearms to school when he was only in the 8th grade. In the following year, he spent two years in house arrest as punishment for the offense. Following that, he relocated to Philadelphia and was enrolled in Rocktop Academy, but later in the course of his studies the school diagnosed him with an undiagnosed heart condition and was required to leave the school. He began playing basketball, and then resorted to the streets.

Pop Smoke’s Family

Pop Smoke’s father’s name was Greg Jackson who is a professional businessman. His Mother’s name was Audrey Jackson who is a housewife.

Physical Appearance

Pop Smoke was a smart charming young man with a charming, dashing personality. He was muscular and strong with a stunning physique and a muscular, slim body.

He was 5′ 10 inches tall and his weight was 68 Kg. He was beautiful with black-colored long , shiny hair. He was also ablaze with dark brown hue, gorgeous and stunning eyes.

Which way did Pop Smoke die?

The 19th of February, in 2020 Pop Smoke was renting a home within Los Angeles.

Late at night, two men dressed in masks were able to break into the home, and one of them was carrying a gun.

The LAPD received a phone call to the East Coast regarding the burglary at home and arrived at the site six minutes after.

Pop Smoke was found with multiple gunshot wounds.

The rapper was transported to the hospital, where the doctors carried out a thoracotomy. an operation that allows access to the pleural space of the chest, located on the right side.

He passed away within a couple of hours at 20 years old.

The reason for Pop Smoke’s death was a shot injury to the torso that was discovered on the 21st of February from the Department of Medicine in Los Angeles. Examiner and Coroner.