WHMCS Reseller Hosting

DDoS (Denial of Service Attack) is a type of Cyberattack in which hackers intentionally use different forms of viruses, malware, etc., to penetrate network nodes and steal the user’s sensitive and confidential data. It is also increasing day by day with the invention or development of new technology

So, to diminish or reduce such DDoS attacks, you should opt for a highly secure web hosting platform that ensures high data and network security. For that, Reseller hosting is a great choice that enables end-to-end security measures and protects your business and users’ sensitive data from DDoS attacks.

Also, you need a compatible and robust platform that is aware of possible DDoS attacks and capable of fighting against them. So, you can avoid any disastrous happening. For that, a Reseller hosting with WHMCS is an excellent solution that is aware of modern types of DDoS attacks and enables advanced security measures and inbuilt security software to prevent and reduce the chances of DDoS attacks. 

So, this guide helps readers to find out how WHMCS Reseller Hosting is an excellent option and used to decrease DDoS attacks. Let’s proceed further and discuss why you need to use high-grade security measures because traditional DDoS attack prevention is not enough to mitigate DDoS attacks.

Why are Traditional DDoS Attack Prevention Methods Not Enough?

Longer Time Taken to Detect and Mitigate Attacks

The Simple traditional rule set is “analyze the suspicious activities > detect > Switching > Traffic scrubbing > mitigation.” This set of traditional rules is used to mitigate DDoS attacks. It says – When any irregularity is suspected, traffic on the website automatically redirects to another prior or cloud-based scrubbing center. Here, the traffic traverses through network connectivity to detect errors or malicious activities. So, it will take approximately 10-30 minutes to find and penetrate network nodes. Whereas modern DDoS attacks take only a few minutes to cause massive damage to your website through a network. 

Tools Not Equipped to Handle Modern Attacks

Traditional DDoS attack prevention is designed on hardware-based IDS (Intrusion Detections Systems) and consists of security firewalls to protect from viruses. But it is unable to handle the modern DDoS attacks. So, it would be easy for hackers to corrupt or access data from websites using traditional ways because they can be easily penetrated by traffic overloading. At the same time, IDS which monitor the unnecessary traffic and block the malicious requests. 

The Rising Bot Problem

The research concludes that most of the web traffic comes out through the bots, in which 40% is genuine, and 60% are considered the bad bots. So, day by day, the number of bad bots rising, and DDoS attacks find out the way to smartly penetrate your network. In simple terms, again here, traditional attack plans are not designed smartly to handle the rising bot problems. 

Difficulty in Detecting Patterns

The traditional attack pattern is not defined and fixed. It must be any kind and attack through anyway, either by penetrating the network, corrupting files and systems through malware, spamming, traffic overloading. So, it is unusual to find out and detect the DDoS attack easily.

How WHMCS Reseller Hosting Helps you

DDoS attack prevention needs the shortest possible time to detect and fix the attacks compared to manual and traditional attack prevention. Because it is concluded through research that traditional response time is 35 minutes, whereas automation takes 6 minutes to detect and fix the issues. Thus, a Reseller Hosting with WHMCS is the best choice that gives you a complete automated platform to quickly detect and fix the suspicious activity on your network. 

So, let’s dive into the more true facts and see how response time is reduced with automation or Reseller Hosting Free WHMCS, which helps you mitigate DDoS attacks. 

  • Based on the previous data, analysis, malicious traffic can be identified with the advanced and automated technology that WHMCS Reseller Hosting gives you. 
  • Free WHMCS Reseller Hosting defends your system by continuous automated monitoring technology and efficiently mitigates DDoS attacks if suspected anywhere on your system or network. 
  • WHMCS helps you to access global threat data, DDoS types, IP blocklists, and various attacks smartly and block them easily within a very short span. 
  • WHMCS automatically deployed the cloud-based scrubbing center using the DDoS protections, ensuring not allowing harm to your sensitive data and confidential information. 
  • Automation like Reseller Hosting Free WHMCS can intensify smartly to minimize or mitigate DDoS attacks. 
  • WHMCS can easily alert you and send notifications so you can instantly take action to prevent DDoS attacks by limiting the number of users access. 
  • Even WHMCS can analyze the large volume of unnecessary traffic, attack patterns and block them automatically within a few minutes once detected. 

Another benefit you can enjoy with the Cheap Reseller Hosting with WHMCS is detailed Forensic analysis reports that help to attack on mitigations and remove easily in a short span. 

Who can be the Solution for you


A well managed and organized solution like Wisesolution is the option to mitigate DDoS attacks smartly. The platform gives you automated technology like the Cheapest Reseller Hosting with WHMCS with Global Threat Intelligence that helps to identify good or bad bots. So, it might not get toughest with modern technology to identify the threats and attacks. Thus, this platform helps to find out mitigations, attacks, viruses, spyware, malware, viruses that can harm your system and enable you to take secure preventive measures instantly through automation. 

The Final Words

Automation is the most effective and efficient way to mitigate DDoS attacks smartly. So, with unlimited Reseller Hosting with WHMCS plans, you can tackle such attacks with reduced dependence on human interruptions. Also, WHMCS Reseller Hosting gives you managed DDoS prevention that easily leverages automation and is capable of stopping attacks doing penetration. It enables you to give you a complete pack of scalable, reliable security protection for your business and system. In contrast, human expertise is great at that moment for customizing and tuning policies.