What is YouTube Shorts

What is YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a short format video service like TikTok that allows users to create and share 15 seconds videos or smaller on YouTube. It’s currently available in India as a beta version; the service is a component of the YouTube Android app. It highlights a multi-segment camera to use multiple video clips collectively, the option to record with music from a library of songs, speed controllers, timer, and countdown to keep you notified.

YouTube Launch It’s New Feature

As TikTok’s future remains dark in the United States, now YouTube announced a new short-form video feature called YouTube Shorts. The feature will be initially available for Indian users to upload 15-second or shorter-form videos utilize a unique collection of creator tools, including a multi-segment camera, comparable to TikTok, speed controllers, a timer, and a countdown feature. Moreover, the videos can be set to music, thanks to YouTube’s entrance to an extensive library of songs that it states will continue to develop.

The multi-segment camera permits users to bring collectively various video clips in one short clip. The extra controls allow YouTube creators to become more productive than if they pressed a “record” button.

These are the tools familiar to the TikTok video recording practice now and are the equivalent features that Instagram newly cloned for its TikTok competitor, recognized as Reels.

The feature will be prominently highlighted within the YouTube app on Android and extend to iOS in future.

YouTube tells India — notably, a huge market where Chinese-owned TikTok is already forbidden — will first get entrance to YouTube Shorts at launch. But, the idea is to deliver the feature to more markets in the future. YouTube didn’t give a deadline for when that would appear, though.

YouTube Shorts Competing “TikTok and Snapchat”

Compared to this, YouTube will begin a new watch experience that gives you swipe into YouTube Shorts vertically — more, just like TikTok. The company had now included a new spot on the YouTube homepage for watching short videos. YouTube says, Presently, the individual watch experience will make it more comfortable to watch that content and explore new short videos.

At the start of this season, YouTube declared its intentions to start testing a short-form video feature but hadn’t given many details or the feature’s name. At the moment, YouTube had told that the experiment would require recording 15-second videos on iOS and Android, but particularly between a small society of creators.

The story of the full launch of YouTube Shorts comes as TikTok’s US operations’ deadline is coming to an end. Microsoft has failed to won the bid to buy TikTok, and reports claim Oracle is winning the bid, but its trade isn’t structured as a complete sale. Oracle becomes a partner of Bytedance TikTok US operations.

TikTok’s possible exit had already noticed several competing social platforms seeing to associate TikTok users to their app. Instagram, Snapchat, and presently YouTube are between those looking to get an edge by leveraging the uncertainty about TikTok to begin their short-form video feature. Further direct TikTok opponents, like Instagram Reels, Triller, Dubsmash, Byte, and others, have picked up some new customers.

YouTube announces the new feature is working out in India over the following several days. It describes YouTube Shorts as an experiment it tries to acquire from, extend reach, and develop the product over time.

How to Use YouTube Shorts Feature

If you should reach to the Shorts camera, you can start producing videos by tapping the plus (+) icon (or quickly, the video camera icon on iOS), then choosing “video.” If you view “create a short video” as an option, you hold the Shorts camera. But, for Android users in India, you’ll view the “create” icon has been pushed to the bottom of the navigation bar for a more accessible way, YouTube says.

These externally, the feature can slightly engage by tagging their shorter videos (under 60 seconds) as #Shorts in the title or description. These will be tested on the latest YouTube home page, with different short vertical videos.